Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MedEx Supply


MedEx Supply"
Contact: Chaya Braish
Currency: USD US Dollar

Joined Network: 3-Jun-2009

Category: Equipment (show similar advertisers)

Description: MedexSupply has been an online medical distributor since 1999. With a full line of brand name products, we have established ourselves in the health care industry as the go-to provider for all of your medical, surgical, and healthcare supply needs. Our customers include government facilities, hospitals, colleges, laboratories, medical clinics, and the general public, who trust and rely on our unbeatable prices, superb service, and fast shipping. With an ever-expanding inventory of more than 60,000 products, we work hard to offer every customer a hassle-free shopping experience, which equals higher commission and conversions for affiliates! MedexSupply has a dedicated affiliates team available to ensure the best possible service, and our program includes the following benefits: - 7% commission on every sale - 120 return days - Variety of coupons - Data feed that is updated daily - Keyword list - Exclusive coupons available upon request - Banners - Exclusive banners available upon request

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