Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Black On Black Bling

Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver chains are a staple in men's jewelry. Made with the highest quality sterling silver at 92.5% solid they are popular and stylish. When you think of sterling silver chains you are probably thinking about classic men's chain design originating in Italy. These Italian styles include rope, Figaro, Curb, Rope, Bead and Snake silver necklace chains. Perennially favorites these designs have stood the test of time. The design patterns are made in Italian factories using heavy machinery producing tons of Italian chains every day.
Our sterling silver jewelry is stamped with .925 for authenticity. The chains come in a number of lengths ranging from 18 inches to 36 inches and thicknesses from 1mm to 13mm. The most recognizable men's chains are the Rope, Figaro and Curb. These sterling silver chains are worn by a wide range of people ranging from rockers to hip hop fans. Do it like Kanye West and combine silver pendants with quality Italian sterling men's chains. Or check out the classic rope style chain necklace as popularized by rap legends Run DMC.

At King Ice we are proud to carry a large collection of Italian .925 sterling silver chain necklaces including the most lengths and thicknesses. A great alternative to gold, silver necklaces in the Italian tradition will give you value and quality combined. A white gold men's necklace has the same look and feel as a sterling silver chain necklace but is so much more expensive. Sterling silver as a precious metal has a considerable market value with potential to grow. Silver is also very popular in other forms of use from silverware to commercial industry.
Sterling men's chains are a great compliment to hip hop jewelry in general. Specifically, we carry a great selection of sterling silver braceletssterling silver rings and silver earrings for a complete matching style. We are proud to offer superior customer service, a great warranty and quality men's chain necklaces at King Ice. So get your bling bling on by flossing a men's sterling silver chainstoday!